I. Community development
The first in social activities of the community architect – The foundation landscape… on club activities landscape architecture. Other activities are on the program activities bring real efficiency to stimulate and build confidence among members through the specific jobs such as:

+ Consulting, design.
+ Exhibition activity: quarterly.
+ Event activity, specialized seminars.
+ Concentration of community development on the media architect.


II. Business activity specialized centers

1. Activity design consultancy specialized landscape.
Construction professional consultancy in the model coordinate workshops and associate
– Programme ordering topics and projects to study
– Programme hourly advice.
– Breakdown Operating under the subject heading: theoretical studies, to create, express both the capacity of groups and individuals
– The mechanism of action in the model of his colleagues (associate): the team colleagues will register in groups by topic and demonstrated ability to work program approved by the council, the group established through the approval of investors, donors, and board approval LAA.

2. Business activities supply specialized materials landscape

Center is a comprehensive supply of green plants, green materials, exterior decorating supplies. System devices such as lighting equipment, automatic irrigation, fountains, etc …
According to the supermarket model include:
-Online trading system: trade, trading, consulting industry landscape materials online domain,,, etc …
-System for rent booths in the center: hang time account for more than 40 suppliers industry landscape materials for display and sales-tax items prescribed landscapes to develop specific diversity and fair competition strong proportion of 40%.
-Cave system of the heart space: proportion of 60%.
-System providing specialized support services:
+ Services provide material samples, materials consulting.
+ Professional support services.
+ Support services contractor, Investor, Architect (estimating, quotation, process modeling, solution notes.).
+ Freight transport services.
+ Construction and installation services, maintenance care.

3. Experimental Training Activity sector landscape.
Model training workshop: on Diu layer underlying the allocation of trainee participation in the group assisting in the project ASSOCIATE fact which is finding support and develop talent, while creating the chance hone practical impact knowledge and experience.
Training under professional programs: construction of the actual training program basically from the participation of experts, professors specialized in domestic and foreign, the university combines the architecture, the landscape school Malaysia office, SINGAPORE, building training programs and certification is not certified.
Training activities outside the purely business side, there is one of the important channels of work to find and develop the quality of its members, and is the foundation for the development of human resources for the center in the long term.

4. Event activities, exhibitions, seminars landscape architecture
The events of landscape architecture as a channel to exchange and connection between architects and architects layer on the bottom layer, between the investors and architects, architects and contractors, suppliers, create a specialized operating environments and is the foundation for the creation of community architecture – landscape.