Nam Long DVC began ground braking  Waterpoint Urban Area with 355 hectares

     With a total area of 355 hectares, Waterpoint is located in front of Highway 830, which is from Đức Hòa Town to Sài Gòn- Trung Lương Highway and Highway I,center of Bến Lức Town, 3 other sides is covered by Vàm Cỏ Đông River. People say that Waterpoint is "prime location" because it has a network of multi- transportation from roads, waterways to railways which links directly Ho Chi MInh City with MeKong Delta 

      Just 30-45 minutes drive by car to central Ho Chi Minh City or Phu My Hung Urban area along to East-West Highway (Vo Van Kiet Boulevard) - Highway I or  Saigon South Boulevard (Nguyen Van Linh Street) . And the same time to go by waterways along to Bến Lức River, Chợ Đệm River to Bạch Đằng Port ( District 1) and Tân Thuận Port( District 7) . Moreover, just 5 minutes drive by car by railway from depot monorail 3A at Tân Kiên( Bình Chánh District).

   Especialy, it is convenient to drive to Bến Lức- Long Thành Highway and Ring Road 4- 2 key transportation routes which link smoothly Sourthen economic centre- point areas , in which Long An Province is the  most competetent place in connecting between Ho Chi Minh City and MeKong Delta. This facility will make a strong motivation for Long An Province as the economic construction will be shifted towards increasing the portion of trade- services, attracting investment capital from domestic and foreign enterprises 

   Waterpoint includes developing comprehensive range of facilities and amenities for living, working, studying and entertainment ( mix-use areas, residential areas, business park, hypermarket, hospital, university and recreational areas) 

   In the period 1 with the area of 165 hectares, Waterpoint has central park with 20 hectares. At that time, the design  to encourage  physical activities with walking or jogging on a riverside walkway, biking on lush cycling paths, public area with 2.5 hectares, swimming on a river-view swimming pool. Nam Long DVC also take 17 hectares to build universities and international schools , 8 hectares of commercial center, 3 hectares of meditation center,... Citizens will enjoy various high- quality  facilities  from commercial housetown, food town, educational town to cooworking space modernly that you don't need to move outside

       Mr.Steven Chu Chee Kwang, CEO of Nam Long DVC said: "Waterpoint has a tendency to be a Urban Area which has environment  comnbined  nature,  water & riverfront features  with various  comprehensive range of facilities and amenities to citizens not only settle down but also studying, working, relaxing as satellite towns in the world".

   As masterplan, the period 1 will be done in next 5 years. Some partners who will cooperate with Nam Long DVC are masterplanners from Australia, Spain, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia ,...Capital at this time is approximately 6.900 billion VNĐ  and it will make profit about 10.700 billion VNĐ for them. Beside the own capital, Waterpoint project also received the attention of many international real estate developers, especially ones in Japan and Malaysia.

                                                                                                        Author: Phương Châu from

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