We sincerely thank to Mr. Le Phong Quan – the big brother of the MCA was built alongside the organization, Mr. Vu Van Hiep brought 3 ha plot of land to build the center.
Much appreciation for Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang, chairman of NAM LONG GROUP who has incredibly assists us as a partner, who has trusted in us giving us more than 20 projects during the development of MCA landscape and Landscape Architecture association. Mr. Tran Ba Duong – General Manager of Dai Quang Minh has given us great opportunity for a start-up, the concept of association, the concept of human resource. These concepts have built up a solid management system and great vision for our strong development in the future.
Much appreciation for architect Nguyen Hoa Hiep, company A21 who has organised WEDO 4th, which is the first architecture event at LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CENTER. He has also inspired our young architects with his complimentary artwork given to the centre. We would like to thank Olivier Souquet, chairman of DESO which is known as the first company at the center and has help attracting other international groups to come and work.
Much appreciation for Mr. Tran Tuan Viet, chairman of ANH THANG joint stock company Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, manager of THANH AN limited., and other assistants from the centre that were not only financial but also mentally supportive during the formation of Landscape Architecture Association.